Saturday 29 May 1999

It's a pretty amazing feeling to be writing this; I have now finished my attendance of Highgate School (apart from three more exams) and I feel kind of weird. (Maybe that's just the amount of alcohol I consumed yesterday)

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Friday 21 May 1999

Hello again, and apologies for the delay in updating. I have been doing lots of web design and computer maintainance for various clients recently, so haven't got around to updating this. I haven't really done anything with Linux recently (sorry, Tux) but this probably won't change this weekend because I have A-level modules next week.

I have encoded a few audio files recently, here, if you're interested.

I have this week witnessed the future of home internet connectivity. Alex Norman has been lucky enough to get on the BT trial of ADSL, which is a 2 Mbit permanent connection to the Internet (no phone bills!). Everyone at school is deeplyenvious, and his house has suddenly become populated with people wanting to download massive files! (As well as play Quake 3 and eat pizza).

Can't think of anything else to say now, so bye-bye!

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Saturday 8 May 1999

More work for Zebra, watching Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels., and playing Quake II over the internet - though I do admit that I am pretty rubbish at it - only started playing it a couple of months ago.

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Monday 3 May 1999

Spent the weekend variously reinstalling Win 98 on a 486 at Zebra Translations, designing a database for my dad, and messing about with my computer. I did practise for my Wednesday performance exam too.

Also, I discovered that it is not a good idea to let a Linux system run out of disk space. I did, and I lost a load of configuration files, for some reason. My internet connection was a bit dodgy for a while but it's okay now. When I get round to it I will install Redhat 6 onto the system; it will give me a load of new and groovy features like Gnome, which I might try out.

The music coursework's done and dusted - it's a weird feeling to actually finish something that's been on the go for two years. It's the beginning of the end, I suppose.

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