Friday 21 May 1999

Hello again, and apologies for the delay in updating. I have been doing lots of web design and computer maintainance for various clients recently, so haven't got around to updating this. I haven't really done anything with Linux recently (sorry, Tux) but this probably won't change this weekend because I have A-level modules next week.

I have encoded a few audio files recently, here, if you're interested.

I have this week witnessed the future of home internet connectivity. Alex Norman has been lucky enough to get on the BT trial of ADSL, which is a 2 Mbit permanent connection to the Internet (no phone bills!). Everyone at school is deeplyenvious, and his house has suddenly become populated with people wanting to download massive files! (As well as play Quake 3 and eat pizza).

Can't think of anything else to say now, so bye-bye!

Posted by Dominic at 23:51

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