Monday 3 May 1999

Spent the weekend variously reinstalling Win 98 on a 486 at Zebra Translations, designing a database for my dad, and messing about with my computer. I did practise for my Wednesday performance exam too.

Also, I discovered that it is not a good idea to let a Linux system run out of disk space. I did, and I lost a load of configuration files, for some reason. My internet connection was a bit dodgy for a while but it's okay now. When I get round to it I will install Redhat 6 onto the system; it will give me a load of new and groovy features like Gnome, which I might try out.

The music coursework's done and dusted - it's a weird feeling to actually finish something that's been on the go for two years. It's the beginning of the end, I suppose.

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