Monday 28 June 1999

Has anyone had any problems with internet speeds that are independent of modem and service provider? At least 3 providers (Netcom, Freeserve and are serving really bad connections (ie 1k from sunsite with a modem connect of 50666 bps.) If anyone has any real info on this could they drop me a line?

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Friday 25 June 1999

Well, considering that I've got myself a lovely mountain bike AND got some decent internet connection speed, it must be a valid reason for celebrating my half-birthday, for so it is! The bike is groovy, the cable phone lines are groovy (well 50666bps on a Winmodem, not brilliant but I got 28800bps on BTs DAC'd line. Bastards.) There you are then. Everything's groovy.

I also had to take all my text books back to school today; I had nearly 20 maths text books alone! Half of the pages I didn't read!

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Thursday 24 June 1999

Jet's birthday

Oh, I almost forgot. It's Jet's birthday today!!!! He's 5.

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It's all over! My last exam was on Tuesday, and now there's 3 months of holiday ahead!! Wow. And yesterday evening a load of Physicists gathered for a barbecue (how sad, I hear you say). Well it was a jolly good evening, finishing up at around half twelve, reminiscing about life at Highgate.

I just today put a deposit on a Saracen Rufftrak mountain bike (second hand), which I'll pick up tomorrow. I guess it's something that'll reduce my time on the computer (maybe)!

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Wednesday 16 June 1999

Linux is definitely my default operating system on it, it is much more stable than windows, is more customisable, and has all the apps you need... I'm not going to bore you here with the details, but believe me, it's all worth it.

Did my Music History exam today, so one more down, two to go. The exam was hard, but no more so than I was expecting so overall it was an ok paper. I managed to keep to my exam plan, so I didn't run ridiculously out of time like I did in the mock.

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Wednesday 9 June 1999

Well, here I am at a lovely social hour, downloading Staroffice for Linux and surfing the EfNet. What an exciting life I lead.

The latest? Well, I have been working a lot (as usual - well, that's what I'd like to think) and my latest web site (with Alex) has gone online here. Don't complain if you're in 16 bit colour or less. It's not been finalised.

I am hoping for a nice little memory chip to come through my letterbox tomorrow, don't let me down, Simply! I tried an extra 32 megs in my machine at a friend's house and boy, does it make a difference. You'd think that Windows just takes as much memory as it can lay its grubby hand on. Anyway, I ordered 64 megs on Monday.

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