Wednesday 9 June 1999

Well, here I am at a lovely social hour, downloading Staroffice for Linux and surfing the EfNet. What an exciting life I lead.

The latest? Well, I have been working a lot (as usual - well, that's what I'd like to think) and my latest web site (with Alex) has gone online here. Don't complain if you're in 16 bit colour or less. It's not been finalised.

I am hoping for a nice little memory chip to come through my letterbox tomorrow, don't let me down, Simply! I tried an extra 32 megs in my machine at a friend's house and boy, does it make a difference. You'd think that Windows just takes as much memory as it can lay its grubby hand on. Anyway, I ordered 64 megs on Monday.

Posted by Dominic at 01:28

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