Saturday 31 August 2002

Nearly there

Wow, time does, in the least clichéd way possible, fly. So, I'm now installed in Oxford and awaiting my first day with reasonable enthusiasm. The last few days has been remarkably uneventful, really. I was all set for manic rushing around sorting my life out, but not all that much seems to have been needed in the end. I expect things will pile up on me all the same though.

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Friday 16 August 2002

Holidays and fuckwit banks

Holidays. Yay! Last weekend (Friday to Tuesday) I went on holiday to Brussels, the first proper holiday since before Uni. So that was good. Lots of beer tasting, usual sightseeing stuff, nice food.

Now. Onto why I am Not A Happy Bunny right now. Barclays Bank have decided to make my life as annoying as they possibly can. Why would have thought it would be so difficult to get a simple overdraft? I'm about to start a job with a reasonable income, you idiots, don't assess me on the basis of my poverty-bound summer! And that's not all, they have been consistently rude and unhelpful during all of the process. I can only assume they really don't want my custom.

Monday I think I'll be looking for a new bank.

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Thursday 1 August 2002

Extreme pointlessness

I didn't just make an RSS feed of this diary. No.

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