Friday 16 August 2002

Holidays and fuckwit banks

Holidays. Yay! Last weekend (Friday to Tuesday) I went on holiday to Brussels, the first proper holiday since before Uni. So that was good. Lots of beer tasting, usual sightseeing stuff, nice food.

Now. Onto why I am Not A Happy Bunny right now. Barclays Bank have decided to make my life as annoying as they possibly can. Why would have thought it would be so difficult to get a simple overdraft? I'm about to start a job with a reasonable income, you idiots, don't assess me on the basis of my poverty-bound summer! And that's not all, they have been consistently rude and unhelpful during all of the process. I can only assume they really don't want my custom.

Monday I think I'll be looking for a new bank.

Posted by Dominic at 17:30

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