Tuesday 4 June 2002

Although we're still technically in the bank holiday weekend, I should really be back to work by now. Had an excellent time on Saturday and Sunday though. CompSoc punting happened on Saturday despite the idiotic behaviour of the JCR punts reps who saw fit to cancel the booking I'd made several days earlier in the name of their punts party, without even bothering to tell me they'd done this. We ended up renting punts from the Bridge outfit, which with nine of us in two punts ended up acceptably cheap. Luckily the shining sun and good company more than made up for the inconvenience.

After punting we descended upon the Angel and Greyhound for a couple of hours, onto Magdalen Hall, and then Art and I went to watch anime.

Sunday saw me, Art and Dan jump on our bikes for an expedition north of Oxford. We found an attractive bridleway leading to Islip, our progress along which was broken briefly by an unexpected ford (yes, I can't read maps). The Red Lion pub served us an excellent lamb lunch and beer, and, after lingering there enjoying the sun, we continued through Oddington to Charlton-on-Otmoor. After another not-so-swift pint, we headed in the direction of home; thwarted by an active firing range, we ended up taking the not-quite-so-pretty route across the A34, and arrived home. An hour later I was giving a short talk at OxLUG,and then heading to a barbecue.

The days really do last longer when you do stuff in them.

Other news of note is that I have an exam next Tuesday - which brings me on to the scary fact that this time next week I will have finished my degree course entirely. Eek.

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