Sunday 12 May 2002

Much film-watching recently - saw The Shining on Thursday night, and Apocalypse Now Redux today. Going into a cinema at midday and coming out at approaching 4pm is really quite odd. Both brilliant films of course; I'd seen them both before, but my reaction to them has changed. The Shining was disappointingly unscary, actually. It's just one of those films that really doesn't work with repeated viewings; though it was still enjoyable. Apocalype Now was just as vivid as ever, with some excellent extras. Unfortunately for about a third of the film the projection was oscillating up and down with an amplitude of several inches and a frequency of 20 Hz or so. Most annoying. Was also the first time I'd heard the new Dolby Digital system in action at the Phoenix. Am suddenly not talking in proper sentences. Must drink more coffee.

Posted by Dominic at 21:20

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