Tuesday 20 April 1999

Well, that's the Easter holiday over, then. I go back to school tomorrow, so my Linuxing will have to play a rather smaller part in my life. Probably a good thing, though. Nothing much to report today. I installed some miscellaneous patches for Linux, including XFree86 I haven't upgraded the kernel yet, I will probably wait until Redhat 6.0 to do it when it comes out (soon I think). I did get X11amp working, and although it chops up the sound if there is a lot of disk activity (well, it is a beta) it is a cool program. At the moment the only sounds coming out of my SoundBlaster are from Linux, what does that say about Windoze. I can't configure any sort of standard driver. In Linux, though, all I had to do was run one autodetecting program, and Bob's your uncle.

I haven't received the driver disks from MBC that I was supposed to get either yesterday or today, but nothing that they do surprises me any more.

Posted by Dominic at 17:38

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