Monday 19 April 1999

As you can probably see, I've turned into a bit of a night owl in the past few days. I'm going to have to kick the habit of staying up until 3am, I start school again on Wednesday. Anyway, I've solved the Xwindows display problem - all I needed to do was set up a custom monitor definition. I was a bit wary of doing this initially because there were warnings stamped all over the shop about permanently damaging your monitor. It didn't help that there was a typo in the Xconfigurator program, where it said Hz, not kHz. No, I'm not mistaken!

I have now installed KDE, and my Linux environment has become much improved. I've got a better PPP dialer, file manager and the windows look a lot better too. Installation was a breeze, just executed one script to do the lot. For a 16 meg download it is packed with features - some of them are blatantly copied from M$, but they are better (needless to say :).

At the moment I'm downloading a 7 meg library file, so that I can run X11amp, which is an equivalent to Winamp for X. My setup is getting more and more complete every day - I'm beginning to feel I could swap to Linux more permanently. What I don't have at the moment is decent font support for Wordperfect, and thus a replacement word processor. I might investigate StarOffice, which is the other big player. I'll also try and get truetype fonts working in X.

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