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See below - the graphical presentation is to reduce the incoming spam. The click-through link will still work but it may take longer to get read.

You might like to know that I run all my personal email through SpamAssassin. Anything which scores over 5 I am unlikely to ever read, and anything which scores over 12 I will certainly not see. I used to throw such mails in a blackhole, but generally since I applied some devious Exim ACLs, they should be rejected at SMTP time. I also use bogofilter.

PGP My PGP keyID is 5178E2A5 and the fingerprint is:

1176 44DF C579 B6DD 3E71 0CB5 633B 8528 5178 E2A5 (but don't trust that).

I'm always happy to accept PGP encrypted mail, and to sign people's keys with sufficient identification and fingerprint.
Jabber My JID is This should also work with Google Talk.
Phone If you need my number, please get in touch by email, in the first instance.
Postal See above.
Social networking sites LinkedIn. I am not on Facebook.

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