Saturday 17 March 2007

Nearly there!

In exactly two weeks time, Gillian and I will be celebrating our recent marriage!

It seems like it's been a long time coming, and yet simultaneously it's upon us without any warning. I'm now wishing that it was now, and not in a whole two weeks' time.

We spent a day today getting various wedding things done, which is good - having niggling tasks waiting detracts from the antipication slightly. I still have a speech to write, although I hear it's traditional among my friends who've got married (and, to be honest, most people I expect) that that's done very close to the wedding.

The honeymoon is all planned now - at least, the bits that need to be. The train line up to Glasgow is mended, and we're being teased (in the South) by nice weather. Seating plans, orders of service, menus, timetable for the day, gift list, all sorted, and almost fading into the past now they've all been organised (or that might just be that Gillian has it all under control).

It's worth us focussing on the fact that the only thing that we really need to happen is that we get to Glasgow before 4pm on the Friday, so that we can collect the marriage schedule (the document that, in Scotland, you sign to as the official record of marriage). It needs to be collected by either or both of us, in person, the week before the wedding, during office hours.

Now, back to that to-do list...

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