Saturday 26 November 2005

Blogging from Antarctica

I don't normally do this sort of post, but a you don't often get friends going off to Antarctica. Alex is writing an excellent blog so far, aboad the RRS Ernest Shacketon. Go and read it!

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Sunday 6 November 2005

My OpenID identity

I have acquired an OpenID identity which is:

(appropriately enough).

If you run a blog or other resource that would benefit from knowing this information (for example because you use Livejournal and write friends-only posts) then please do tell it about me and let me know.

Also, does anyone know if I can read friends-only LJ posts via RSS and OpenID, or alternatively whether I can only look at friends-only posts from the web interface?

Update: I'm told that this might be useful for Livejournal people.

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