Friday 20 May 2005

New job

Yup, this is my other big piece of news. After getting on for three years at Astrophysics, I'm off to new pastures. From the middle of July, I'll be working for Black Cat Networks in a fairly mixed role including sysadmin, user support and project development. They are a small ISP dealing in all the usual bits and pieces (web/mail/dns hosting, ADSL, colo, dedicated servers) and although they are a small company (just two people at the moment) I know that they have a solid business that has been expanding steadily for six years now.

This should be a really good move for me, because it's a much more open-ended job than my current one, and they still have plenty of new directions to go in (and me with them). I'm excited about being able to grow with the company and move into an area within the business that ends up suiting me.

The job'll be initially working from home, with maybe one visit to their facilities in London a week, which should be a good mix, although working from home will, I suspect, feel very odd to start with. I think I'm likely to cycle into town lots to meet people for lunch and going to the pub and so on, so I shouldn't be completely devoid of exercise.

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