Saturday 8 January 2005

Wired CD

I meant to put these up ages ago but never got round to it.

In November 2004 Wired Magazine included a cover CD of Creative commons-licensed music. The official site has mp3 downloads available, but I thought it would be nice to have losslessly compressed copies around too. So here they are,

In the unlikely event that these files get many hits I've got the Coral content distribution system ready and waiting!

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Thursday 6 January 2005


All the cool kids are doing it. Here's my list o' links, then.

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Tuesday 4 January 2005

Chrooting for mortals

Ever want to let your users manage chrooted software? "No, not really" I hear you cry; but anyway, I wrote a short piece about it all the same.

Non-geek news coming soon, I promise.

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