Saturday 3 July 2004

Fun with IPv6

For a while I've been vaguely interested in IPv6, as my professional and hobbyist instincts tell me I ought to be. I've never done much with it so far - I have had a 6to4 tunnel running for a while on my shared colo machine and home, and done a bit of reading. I got round the other day to enabling native IPv6 on our colo machine as our provider announced the availablility of it earlier this week, and got reverse DNS delegations sorted out. So we're now the proud owner of 4 billion globally routable addresses. What fun! With any luck we will get a /48 once they have sorted out some initial issues, and then we can set up tunnels.

Anyhow, the real point of this entry was to point people at the JOIN reference centre which is a really useful IPv6 resource site with lots of good documentation. I came across it by chance after doing a lot of reading and wished I'd found it earlier.

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