Saturday 31 January 2004


So, aside from installing a new web log package, what have I been up to for the last few months?

One thing is the Project Gutenberg's Distributed Proofreaders project. This, as the name implies, is a way for people to get involved in the PG process at a more casual level, by proofreading as few or as many pages from scanned and OCRed texts as they like. It's probably not for everyone but it suits my strange likes.

Work proceeds as usual, Christmas and New Year were relatively uneventful. I suppose the exciting news is that I've finally passed my driving test (and was hence able to drive to my mum's and pick up my bulky Christmas presents including a lovely espresso machine!)

I've just signed up to Orkut which is a sort of community-graphing/building site. It's currently still in its beta stages which shows as the site keeps on breaking, but it is vaguely amusing when it works.

I've been to see the usual bunch of films; tonight was A Mighty Wind, from the creator of This is Spinal Tap. If you seen the latter you'll probably like the former, although I don't think it succeeds quite as well. Notably though, I was very impressed with Lost in Translation, which turned out to be far better than the trailers implied it might be.

Until next time, then.

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Wednesday 28 January 2004

New RSS feed URL

If you are reading this diary via RSS you will want to make sure that your aggregator is using the correct URL which is <>. <> is an HTTP redirect for the time being.

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New backend

I've updated my diary to be run off a MovableType installation so things look different, but the content is roughly the same (all my old entries should have been imported). It will make it easier for me to do funky things with the content though, should I wish. And it will cause me to write more entries in the short term, although the novelty value will soon wear off (hurrah, I hear you shout).

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