Friday 17 October 2003

Drink me

At the risk of this turning into a blog, here is a list of beers I tried at the Oxford Beer Festival 2003 yesterday and this evening , with descriptions from the beer list:

  • Anglo Dutch, Spikes on T'Way: "Pale bitter with citrus flavours", 4.2%
  • Cwmbrnag, Pink Panther: "Wheat Beer with raspberry juice", 4.5%
  • Dark Star, Over the Moon: "Full-flavoured dark mild", 3.8%
  • Grand Union, Honey Porter: "Sweetened with honey", 4.9%
  • Hardy and Hansons, Old Trip: "Brewed for Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham", 4.7%
  • Itchen Valley, Tea Clipper: "Mid brown with Indian tea added for a smooth finish", 4.2%
  • Mauldons, Peggoty Porter: "Porter with a biscuit flavour", 4.1%
  • Moor, Old Freddie Walker: "Rich, dark full-bodied porter", 7.3%
  • Old Cannon, Gunner's Daughter: "Golden, sweet and fruity strong ale", 5.5%
  • Portchester, Firepot: "Straw coloured with added roasted chillis, 4.0%
  • St Peters, Grapefruit: "Orange coloured hoppy bitter with zesty grapefruit", 4.7%
  • Spectrum, Miss Scarlet, 4.5%
  • Tindals Ale Brewery, Ditchling Dan: "Mid brown, malty with hints of toffee", 4.1%
  • Warcop, Dark Furnace: "Dark brew, loads of chocolate malt", 4.2%
  • Wizard, Martyrs' Memori-ale: "Black Magic Mild with port added, a special for this festival", 4.0%
  • Moore's Unsweetened Perry, 6.0%

Nearly all were good beers but this evening I had some really superb ones. The Scutchers Ale was a lovely straightforward and tasty beer, the Gunner's daughter was delicious, and the Ditchling Dan was stunning.

I also went to see the absolutely fantastic Finding Nemo. 9/10. Which was a good job, otherwise I would have felt slightly annoyed at leaving the beer behind.

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