Sunday 13 July 2003

Mid-year roundup

I'm still here. Where to start though, I've no idea. The previous entry seems like years ago.

I failed my driving test the first time round, in June; came across a pair of mini roundabouts that got me confused. Other than that, the instructor was quite positive about my driving, and I have a test booked for next week, so hopefully that will go better. I have been driving a fair bit though. Since my last entry I drove up to the Lake District for a walking weekend (taking a somewhat convoluted route in order to avoid bits of motorway) as well as practising at weekends with friends around Oxford.

Last night was Kake's birthday barbecue, where much fun and silliness was had by all.

On Friday night I went to a fantastic Jools Holland gig (or, as the man himself would describe it, a boogie-woogie) in Cutteslow Park. Twofish, Art and jds and I threw together a picnic and cycled there (it was fun overtaking a long line of queuing cars, and more fun to watch the confused looks on the marshals' faces when we asked where to park our bikes). Fun was had by all, despite the occasional groups of people threatening to sit in front of us with fold-up chairs.

Back to the Lake District; about six of us hired a camping barn (think of it as a stone tent - approximately the same level of provided facilities) and spent several enjoyable days walking various hilly things. However, I rediscovered the severe weakness in my knees that I think has resulted from the Picos trip in 1998 when I ended up limping around following twisting my ankle. I must go and see a doctor about this and get a referral to a physio, but several months later I've not got around to doing it yet :( The final day in the Lakes I spent at BNFL Sellafield visitor centre, which has an independant exhibition called Sparking Reaction organised by the Science Museum. It was good, although didn't quite take up the whole day; I spent the rest of it wandering around the grounds and drinking copious cups of tea and reading in the tea shop.

The following day we drove back, and I discovered just how tiring long-distance driving is (although this would have been made worse by my inexperience, I suppose).

Other events since my last entry included going on the London Eye (again) with Niall and a load of his friends, followed by a nice meal at a Cuban bar/restaurant on the South Bank; a beach party hosted by SUCS; and Reading Beer Festival (not necessarily in that order). At this point I shall give up trying to mention everything I've done.

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