Saturday 25 January 2003

Christmas, pubs, toys, work

Quick summary of the past month: Had a good Christmas — visited Mum on Christmas day and Dad on the following weekend, and went to a party in Oxford on New Year's Eve. Work has become quite hectic following the meeting where we were told that we absolutely must have service x working by date y; isn't it great when you get lots of advance notice? I do think we started to get the message across about quite how much of a backlog of systems work we have though.

Visited The Trout pub in Wolvercote the other week. It's must have been nearly two years since I'd last been, and it's changed a lot. Still good food, though it had lost some of the atmosphere :(

Cool Toy Of The Month: The SLIMP3 MP3 player. It's an ultra-thin device containing, roughly, an MPEG decoder, DAC, ethernet controller, display, and IR receiver. It's all controlled via a Perl server program (GPLd). My housemate bought one. It rocks.

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