Thursday 24 October 2002

Transport, start of term, me and bikes

Notable events of the last couple of weeks have been going to Dave Higgins' graduation ball (he is now an Officer in the RAF), going to Cambridge to meet some friends, and acquiring a car (cast off from mum). I also passed my driving theory test, and so I'm just trying to find time to fit in driving lessons. Also, I'm spending a few weeks looking after the entirety of the Astro systems as Neil, the site manager, has gone off for a holiday. Nothing major has gone wrong (yet) but it's been very busy with routine tasks and the PC upgrade programme.

The other main thing that has been taking up my spare time in the last couple of weeks has been OU Compsoc. Between being the chief sysdamin (ie attending to routine stuff on our machines) and doing general committee stuff (fresher's fair stall, termcard preparation, and going to/giving talks/events) I have spent most of my evenings in town. It's rewarding to see a decent programme
of events unfold, but we have a disappointing number of new members so far.

As I write this, however, I am mostly watching my knees heal after a cycling accident last night. I managed to skid on some wet leaves on the cycle path home, and managed to get some quite nasty cuts on both knees and right shoulder. I'm hoping it won't scar, but I'm not ruling out the possibility, since I didn't really have anything apart from a standard plaster to put on it at the time. So, feeling quite depressed at the moment about that, and angry with myself that I was cycling carelessly.

Of course, at the end of the day it's really not that big a deal; the worst case is a matching scar for my childhood ones and a few days of not being able to cycle very easily.

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