Tuesday 9 July 2002

Came back on Sunday evening from UKUUG's Linux 2002 conference which I was lucky enough to be able to attend. It was a great event, even if some of us did spend rather long fiddling with obscure networking :) Did a load of PGP keysigning, and met some big names in the Linux world. I took (unusually for me) quite a few photos on my antiquated APS camera (yes, a digital one is quite high on my list of toys to buy) and they'll be on my photos page when I've finished off the film.

I went home via Oxford and showed Marcelo Tosatti, the maintainer of the Linux 2.4 kernel, around Oxford before going to an OxLUG talk by Christoph Hellwig on JFS. Predictable pub visit, and a return to Stevenage via the Oxford Tube, followed.

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