Tuesday 18 December 2001

Since I haven't done an update for a while... been home for a couple of weeks now and generally trying to get Useful Stuff done. Christmas-y and other social events have tended to get in the way, as well as a job interview (for OUCS).

I went and got a new mobile phone last week, long overdue as I've been wanting a data-compatible phone for ages. Even when you know what phone you want (Nokia 6210), the process is still horrible, trying to decided whether to stay with the same provider or change, what tariff, do you want insurance etc. etc ad infinitum. (Oh, and I now appear to have an email address for my phone. All this modern technology... :) Eventually went for Vodafone's leisure 200. The number is unchanged. Also played with my own WAP gateway, which seems to be quicker than Vodafone's.

Posted by Dominic at 22:30

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