Sunday 2 September 2001

Just had an enjoyable day out with mum and her boyfriend to London, and visited two great places: Vinopolis, and the London Eye.

Vinopolis is a wine museum with tastings included! Had a great time, tasted 10 wines, and came out feeling rather merry :) It has an unusually useful and friendly audio guide widget (how long before I can have something to talk to my Palm and my bluetooth audio device about the exhibits?) and is well designed. If you're in London I'd count this as a top attraction, and you could easily spend four hours in there.

The London Eye, as everyone probably knows, is a huuuge Big Wheel built on the South Bank of the Thames. It takes half an hour to complete a revolution, which is your "flight". It was nice to chill out after all that hard work tasting wines (especially given the nice sunshine) but to be honest it wasn't *that* stunning. You can get similar views of London with a 10 minute walk from my Dad's flat down to Hampstead Heath :)

Dinner in Soho was followed by a 4-shot from trusty AMT Espresso, a train ride home, and JFK.

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