Sunday 21 May 2000

Some improvment has been made since I wrote that, but not quite as much as I'd have liked. However I'm feeling a lot better about thing in general, and just need to continue to focus on work.

Having said that, you can't work all the time... I went ice-skating for the first time yesterday, and had a great time - even though I did end up with a few bruises!

The computers are all running smoothly - latest major project has been to reconfigure the JCR mail servers to do more relaying, since OUCS firewall restrictions on SMTP are coming in soon.

This is the last update before prelims, and I think I'm about to sign off.... Right. I've gone.

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Friday 5 May 2000

Things are turning out not as well as I'd expected in the work arena - I have ended up having very little self-discipline, and the will to work is draining rapidly away. I need to really start focusing if I am to pass prelims. Everyone says I am perfectly capable of it, so it must be true - but at the moment it seems that everything is just all too non-comprehendable.

Many leaves have been turned over then forgotten in the last few weeks. I have to do something radical here. So, there we are then. As of tomorrow, work takes priority. And that's that.

Now I'm going to bed.

Posted by Dominic at 02:02

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