Sunday 16 January 2000

Well I've finally got around to updating the site in the year 2000. It's been busy as usual, with the entertaining concept of 'collections' to cope with - exams that seem to be there for the sole purpose of annoying the hell out of everyone, probably including the tutors!

I've been messing with Linux as usual, and am now using it 95% of the time (well, I've got to play games occasionally, especially as I bought a Riva TNT2 card with some Christmas money!)

I had a great time for New Year's Eve, when I went down to Nick Burch's home in Dorset, which is in fact a vineyard! Let me tell you, there is no better place to hold a New Year's party!

For the coming term, I have already got myself engaged in several endeavours. First and foremost has to be work on the course, unfortunately, but I am going to be JCR computer rep at Magdalen, and I will be playing in the OU Philharmonia again; also I will be designing sound for a college drama
production in 4th week. So I'm ridiculously overloaded really (well I quit rowing for this term; that would have been impossible) which means that I really shouldn't be spending so much time on my computer....

Posted by Dominic at 03:52

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