Tuesday 30 November 1999

New! For people in the ox domain, a handy little anon ftp server is up at callisto.magd.ox.ac.uk [update 03/07/01: link removed] with movies, mods, midi, wav and shareware/freeware downloads for Windows and Linux. About a gig on altogether. Hopefully I will create an index file with descriptions at some point.

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For a couple of months now, there has been mail circulating on the internet about how Microsoft and AOL will give you money if you forward it. I have received it five times so far and a friend has just received it also, and I had to explain the situation to him. Below is the text from someone how replied to the recipients of one of these mails, and his message sums up quite nicely the facts of this annoyance. DON'T forward the mail to anyone. It only requires a moment's thought to see that it is nonsense. I have also included the original text, stripped of about a dozen >s from forwarding.

Click here for the emails

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Sunday 28 November 1999

Well, as usual loads happened since the last update; played Mahler concert, lost Christchurch Regatta (very close race against St John's As in the second round) and now I've gone and twisted my ankle. Dammit.

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Friday 12 November 1999

Just as busy as always, I did loads of rowing, gym, jogging today (quite a shock to the system!). Anyway today's cool link is this. Go on, just go there, don't question it :) I'm surprised I only just found out about it just now to be honest, it's been around for years.

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Saturday 6 November 1999

Last night the US States district court for Columbia released a report discussing the monopoly of Microsoft on the PC operating system market. It's quite an important document, and you can download here if you want. (It's a PDF format, you need Acrobat, which is a free download.)

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Tuesday 2 November 1999

I'm happy, happy, happy. I got a Specialized £300 bike on order from the bike suppliers, which is £100 more than they originally offered. And about £50 of accessories. Just shows what a minimal amount of effort can achieve. I should have it by Friday!

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Monday 1 November 1999

The bike situation is looking promising; the insurance company are going to send me a catalogue of replacement bikes to choose from.

The network connectivity in my room is hopefully going to get better soon; there are contractors due to come and look at the cabling. I should be getting a phone soon also.

Played a successful concert in Eaton Square, London on Saturday with NISA, which is probably my last time. And I should be going to see Alex next Monday at the Albert Hall, which sounds like fun.

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