Wednesday 25 August 1999

Since redirection services have decided to charge for redirection (or have annoying pop-ups) I will not be using this service any more. Please use instead the following address: Thanks.

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Monday 23 August 1999

I have discovered some good install files (as opposed to a corrupted copy of someone else) for DXBall and DXBall 2 (not as good in my opinion, given the shareware rather than freeware status). If you don't know about it, DXBall is a very addictive version of Megaball for the Amiga. The web site is here.

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Saturday 21 August 1999

Well, there it is. AAAB (B in Music), and I'm into Oxford. I've found myself dealing with a mass of paperwork from Magdalen now, which is a bit boring, but there has been the compensation of lots of excuses for celebration.

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Tuesday 17 August 1999

After a slightly disappointing overcast eclipse day in Cornwall, I am back in Stevenage for a few days until I go to get my results on Thursday. So there. End of entry.

Posted by Dominic at 23:21

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