Friday 30 July 1999

After a busy couple of weeks in Potters Bar and Washington DC I am back in the UK - what fun it is too.

The high (and low)-lights from my trip: 24-hour delay at Heathrow airport staying in a 4-star hotel, due to an engine failing after takeoff (we got as far as the Isle of Wight!). Eating junk food. Going inside the hotel room in Washington to cool off in the evenings. Being on a live webcast. Eating junk food. Seeing Austin Powers II a week before the UK release. Being turned away from the Hard Rock Cafe 20 mins after our booked time. Eating junk food. Getting up at 6.30 to queue for a 20 minute tour of the White House. Dehydrating whilst waiting for the White House tour to begin. Watching dire television. Being charged $25 for a 2 second call and a 1 minute call to England from the hotel (refunded). Going inside Skylab in the National Air and Space Museum. Not being able to go inside the permanant exhibitions in the National Holocaust Memorial Museum because we didn't get tickets early enough. Eating junk food. Buying two designer shirts for a total of $24.98. Going on a duck boat tour (amphibious vehicle used in the D-day landings) on land and river. Playing in the 80's outside with a military orchestra by the Capitol Building steps. Being delayed for 90 minutes on the way home because of late passengers, 200 mile detours, and queues at both airports.

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