Saturday 3 April 1999

Well, if you thought that the last entry in this page was bad, now it's been completely changed by the latest saga regarding my computer. I am writing this from a computer at my mum's work - at the moment I don't have one that works at all. About a week ago my computer just refused to switch on, and if it did, it switched off again soon afterwards. It is obviously some major hardware fault. It was really annoying because I'd just fdisk'd my drive and reinstalled Win 98 (again) and Linux, and I was just getting into it all.

Anyway, after many annoying conversations with tech support at MBC (the company who sold my computer) I got them to send a replacement computer, which they agreed to do on Thursday, and take mine away.

On Thursday many annoying things happened, but basically the computer never arrived - they said it was due to heavy Easter weekend traffic. They then promised that it would be at my house, delivered by Red Star, by noon on Saturday. You guessed it - it never arrived. So at the moment I have no idea when I'm going to get it - in a sense I won't be worrying about it for a week because I'm going away on the orchestral course, but when I get back I'm gonna need this computer for A-level Music coursework in a big way.

Oh, Alex, sorry about the April fool, I thought I'd made it ridiculous enough!!!

Posted by Dominic at 16:03

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