Saturday 13 February 1999

Sorry that I haven't written for a while, many things have been happening. Two weekends ago my friends and I had a Quake II party, which took up lots of time, and revealed to me how useless I am at it (I first played the game three weeks ago). Last weekend, however, something rather less enjoyable happened to my computer. I tried to install Redhat 5.2 on a spare hard disk. A series of inexplicable happenings meant that at the end of the process Redhat was not installed, but Windoze refused to work properly either!

I got some service out and the guy partially fixed it, and I polished it off (I think it's okay now) but I can't pin down a single cause which is really annoying, 'cause I want to install Linux, but I don't want to risk mucking everything up again. Chances are it'll work perfectly next time, but I'm not quite ready yet. Mysteriously my title bars now have gradient fill, which they didn't before (hurrah!)

Posted by Dominic at 09:46

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